This method works! Memorizing Bible scripture passages is fun with this new method. Everyone can do it. Click on any of the 60 video's and listen several times until you get the song down well. Your church and school can memorize foundational scripture and RETAIN IT FOR LIFE. You can preach them verbatim.

“Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You.” Psalm 119:11

Professors, Pastors, Teachers, Home Schoolers, Christian Students, and Seminary Students, this is a totally unique way to memorize. So how does it work? (Listen to the video)

Purchase one of our 60, 3 x 5 banners to display on your classroom wall. They are made of high quality canvas. The students then hear the CD or DVD with the tune. When they learn the song then they will be able to say passage as well as sing it. And they remember it permanently. Your first banner and cd/dvd with over 10 songs is $33.00 shipped to you. Try it yourself and see how quickly you and them will pick it up permanently.

The MyMemoryVerse cadet program is a wonderful way your students to receive rewards like the boy and girl scout program while they learn the essential bible passages. Your young students can listen to STUMPY sing to them and enjoy his special " Dear Stumpy" section or visit him FACEBOOK. He answers their questions. Link

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