Measuring & Installing an Iron Door




“Installing an Iron Door”



1. First, you want to measure the rough opening and make sure that the opening is ½” wider and taller on all sides of the door. Sometimes you have to build the opening up. Make sure that he floor is level. If your floor is not level you will need to shim some on either side. Be sure that the studs are secure.

This is a very heavy door and it will be mounted to those studs, so they cannot move at all. Use a good long level.



2. You may see some security wires and there would need to be accommodations made for these contacts and wires.



3. It is important before installation to plan for the finished floor that will be installed inside. The door unit is made so that the door is set 1 1/2 “from the bottom of the jamb.

This allows for the sweep. Keep in mind the height allowance that you may need for any rugs behind the door.



4. Place the door jamb without the doors, in the center of the opening. Be sure to clean the area underneath so that the unit is flat on the floor. If the opening has sheet rock covering the studs cut out the sheet rock where the flanges go and push the frame up to the studs. Put in the bottom bolts. To keep the studs from splitting, pre-drill the holes in the studs for bolts,3/8” x 3” is ok. Don’t put them in all the way yet.



5. Elevate the door slab to install the weather sweeps at the bottom of the door. Be sure to lay something soft down under the door so as not to scratch.



6. Install the door panels. Look at the top of the doors to see if they are even. If they are not lined up then wedge the frame over until it is right. Then drill and screw in the top bolts and tighten. This will ensure that your locks will line up correctly. Be careful where you handle the door, especially if you are holding the door by its scroll work. The scroll work could become bent or damaged if pressure is applied in the wrong fashion. Also, you may consider placing small pieces of cardboard around the area of the hinges to prevent scratches.



7. Now you are ready to install the glass frame and the locks. The door locks are separate, but the lock holes are pre-bored for a standard lock system: 2 3/8" backset, 2 1/8 diameter, 5 1/2 enter to center for residential doors.




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